Monday, June 1, 2015

Portlandia was Totally Awesome!

Several Washington members met for dinner on the evening of Day 2 (Friday, May 1). I hope that in future years, it will be necessary to book a very large table to accommodate all of us! But we had a great start with Lisa Jenni, Melisse Liang, Mary Arnold, and Ginny Hebert. Bonnie Bucknam also attended Fiberlandia but was una
ble to join us for dinner.

The conference was a mix of informal, fun sessions - the Maker Event on Friday night, Lyric Kinard's creative "fabric portrait" icebreaker - and more formal, information-packed sessions. If I fail to rave about a specific session, it's because I wasn't there! Namita Gupta Wiggers gave Fiberlandia a powerful start with her keynote talk: "Quilt: A Rose by any Other Name Does Not Smell as Sweet...". Rosalie Dace moderated a panel of international quilt artists (photo below) from nations far and wide - including Taiwan, Canada, Australia, and more.